Bottle-less Water Service

Point-of-Use Water …
The Bottle-less Cooler for Commercial Customers

Don’t want to have to lift bottles?

bottle-less_serviceTry our Bottle-less Water Cooler. A water line is run from your existing water supply into the back of your cooler. The water is then filtered as it flows into your glass. You get water-on-demand assured to be clean, crisp, and odor free. It filters out chlorine and minerals. Plus with a hot and cold temperature choice, you’ll always have perfect water.

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Choose the water experts. With Belmar Spring Water, you can be sure it’s the highest quality and best tasting water you’ll find. And it’s so convenient; you’ll wonder why you hadn’t called Belmar sooner.

Belmar Spring Water is ready to deliver everything you need to satisfy your thirst right to your door. Whether you’re ordering for home or business delivery, we make it convenient, save you money, and stand behind our products.

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