Go Green

on October 13, 2015

Going Green with Belmar Spring Water!

Belmar Spring Water is committed to saving the environment and promoting green living. Protecting the earth’s natural resources is important in maintaining the quality and purity of its water sources – including the natural spring water source we’ve been bottling from for over 80 years.

We do our part by reusing and recycling our bottles. Our 3 and 5-gallon bottles are made of polycarbonate, which are cleaned, sanitized and refilled several times. When they can no longer be used, we recycle the bottles and they find new life as part of carpets, toys, and other items.

There are simple things that all of us can do to live greener and help protect the environment. From recycling to using more earth-friendly cleaning products, the following links will give you more information and tips on how you and your family or office can go green.

Now’s the best time to get kids interested and involved in recycling and saving the earth’s precious resources. Growing up green will help ensure a lifetime of protecting the environment.

The Water Cycle

Belmar’s natural spring relies on the environment to keep it plentiful. The water cycle is natures way of replacing water to the Earth’s surface. Click here for an informative illustration about the water cycle.