About Us

A Tradition of Excellence

about_usThe Outwater Family began Belmar Spring Water in 1924 and after three generations later we still bottle every day from the same pure, natural spring. Continuing the family business also means continuing a tradition of dependable service. Staying local means a close, reliable relationship with all our customers.

Belmar Spring Water rises from a deep underground spring located beneath our protected land. It’s bottled and delivered right away, ensuring the fresh, crisp taste. And you know exactly where the water is coming from – can you say the same about the “big” bottled water companies? Whether for home or office, you can count on Belmar Spring Water for taste and quality.

We have strict controls over our entire bottling process. Closely following Good Manufacturing Practice codes ensure the quality and purity of our water at all times. Plus, we adhere to the purity guidelines set by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) as well as all FDA and state standards. All in all, you can be assured when you drink Belmar Spring Water, you’re getting the purest, best tasting water.

Local means fresh! After bottling it goes directly to you; we’re not shipping our water across the country. And that also means we can keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you!